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Spiritual Balance and WellBeing is The New Normal

In today’s world, balance, wellbeing, and happiness are the gold standards most aspire to experience. Wealth is a privilege, but wellbeing is your birthright. Hardships and challenges are part of life, but you can learn how to navigate through them effectively. It’s not normal to feel disconnected, confused, or feel you’ve lost your way. And it’s not healthy to settle into discomfort or unhappiness.

SageFroots is an online membership program for those who seek to create balance and wellbeing, learn to problem-solve, and achieve goals. Personal and spiritual development is at the core of SageFroots. If you’re ready to expand, grow and enjoy the process, you’re in the right place!

** SageFroots membership will support your spiritual growth and personal development  **

Are You Ready For Change?

SageFroots will help you focus on your emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. Not only that, you’ll discover how to level up those areas of your life where you desire change. You’ll learn strategies, concepts, and valuable tools to improve your overall wellbeing while learning to create a life of harmony and joy.

You Also Learn To:

Reframe your mindset from scarcity consciousness and create more flow of abundance and prosperity.
Become proactive and power through old habits of procrastination and create desired changes to move forward.
Embrace change receiving support and insight on how to stay focused and positively aligned with your goals.
Discontinue unhealthy patterns that steal your joy, sabotage your happiness, and create toxic or harmful experiences.
Create and manage healthy relationships using tools to strengthen boundaries and foster mutual respect.

Effectively set and achieve goals that create wellbeing in your relationships, career, finances, and physical and spiritual health.

Finding Your Center

Maintaining a balanced way of life is just scratching the surface of wellbeing. Taking time for your spiritual practices to stay emotionally nourished is crucial to experiencing harmony and balance.

Remaining authentic and consistent with your spiritual practices and self-care supports your ability to find peace, enjoy life, and thrive.

Every person’s spiritual journey will differ in how, when, and where they start. Some start sooner, and some start later. It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey as long as you are ready and willing to make positive changes to improve your life.

SageFroots is a place that will support your spiritual growth and personal development.

Why Join?

Make no mistake about it; current times demand emotional balance and physical wellbeing to survive in this world. SageFroots provide this and more. Here are a few reasons you should become a member.

You crave balance, wellbeing, and peace in your life.

You want to feel supported in practical ways that reflect authentic living.

You want fulfillment and joy that radiates across all areas of your life..

You want a safe environment to boost your spiritual and personal development.

You want to create a healthy relationship with yourself and others.

You want to expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness.

You want guidance with goals to support your success.

You want to improve your overall quality of life from the inside out.

Joining SageFroots Membership is saying YES to a balanced and spiritually enriched life!

$33 Monthly | $87 Quarterly | $330 Annually

** Get 2 Free Months With Annual Membership **

A Taste Of SageFroots

Everything You Need to Feed the Mind, Body, and Soul!

Weekly Motivational Emails

Monthly Focus Theme

Live Monthly Q&A Calls

Insightful Video Lessons

Live Quarterly Training Webinars

Guided Visualization and Meditation Library

Tips, Techniques and Advice Library


Free and Paid Online Courses

Plus These Exclusive Members-Only Discounts!

 –  30% Off Regularly Priced Digital Products

–  30% Off Regularly Priced Online Courses

–  30% Off Regularly Priced Coaching Packages

–  50% off Regularly Priced Intuitive Consultations

–  Exclusive Discounts on Retreats and Events

What to Expect After Joining

After joining, you’ll receive a SageFroots Welcome Kit explaining your membership.


You’ll get weekly motivational emails designed to help you stay grounded, focused, and aligned with your goals.


Each month has a focus theme for growth and personal development and includes theme worksheets and exercises.


Enjoy 24/7 access to various content, podcasts, and videos that empower, inspire, motivate, and elevates your spirit.

You have 24/7 access to the site. You can interact, share and engage with other members in private.


Each month enjoy the Live Q&A calls. Ask anything you feel comfortable discussing, sharing, or simply enjoy the conversations.


Enjoy the Quarterly Live Training webinars, which cover various topics to help you grow and thrive. Training also includes Q& A.


And don’t forget as an active member, you get exclusive deep discounts on select services, courses, and events.

Curious About What It’s Like Working With Me?

Clients Have This To Say …

Christmas is always tuned into my energy and provides sound non-biased support. I trust her! The guidance from Christmas assisted me in discovering areas of my life that required attention and priority. She helped me move forward to reach my goals and make choices that are aligned solely with my highest good.

S. Taylor

I was in an emotional rut and needed help. I wanted to get to the root of my negative issues instead of treating the symptoms. I decided to use her service based on my satisfaction with her intuitive consultations. Christmas is someone who I can trust. She gave me direction based on my agreement to do the required work

Sandra M.

One of my most important concerns was repeating negative patterns in my life. I was going through some hard times with my business, and I didn’t realize how unorganized I had been. Christmas gave me valuable guidance on how to become better organized and productive.

Anthony Gates

More Feedback From Clients

This workshop was extremely valuable for me. It became clear very quickly how I have contributed to both challenging and rewarding situations in my life. While I think I’m pretty self-aware, I sometimes still get caught up in the story and don’t realize the energy that I put forth that contributed to it.

Jetaun Davis

Working through the Mastering Manifestation process and homework allowed me to have a breakthrough and find new and abundant energy to focus on for my business opportunities. As a result, I launched a new Facebook business page and started to see some great results literally overnight! 

Suzanne J.

I found that setting aside dedicated time within a facilitator-led workshop was helpful in understanding blocks to my personal and professional fulfillment and taking the time to get clear about what I want and need out of my life and relationships. This can be a daunting process.

Holly Jones

Got Questions?

What is SageFroots?

SageFroots is an inclusive, judgment-free online personal and spiritual development membership program. It’s for those seeking to create balance, harmony, and wellbeing in their lives.

Who can benefit from SageFroots?

SageFroots is for adults who want to work on their personal and spiritual development. And those who prefer an environment designed to help them grow, learn and live authentically. SageFroots welcomes those new on their spiritual and personal development paths as well as those further along. Wisdom, wellbeing, and practical guidance is the foundation of SageFroots.

Can anyone join?

SageFroots is an inclusive, judgment-free, online personal and spiritual development membership program for adults 18 and above. We welcome all genders.

What if I want to learn at my own pace. Can I do that?

Yes! You have 24/7 access to your active membership. There’s lots of content to work through at your own pace. You can access your membership with a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Does membership require a lot of time?

It takes as much or as little as you prefer. You can explore and use the membership program at your leisure. Because all live monthly Q&A calls and quarterly training are recorded, you can access those recordings and all the other content on the membership site whenever you want.

What are the Q&A Calls about?

It’s literally about questions and answers. It is an opportunity to ask me anything you feel comfortable discussing. I encourage taking advantage of this group coaching with me on the Q&A Calls and Quarterly Training. It’s your chance to get support, insight, and clarity on concerns you have. And you get to enjoy the conversations and engagement with other members.

Do I have to participate in the live events?

No, but I encourage you to attend when you can. The live events are your opportunity to interact and engage with other members and me. And to get the most out of the social interaction of the membership. It’s your opportunity to connect with and enjoy other members.

Can I use my membership discounts after I cancel?

No. Membership discounts are for “active members only.” You must be an active member at the time you purchased and use any member discounts.

Can I still work with you 1-on-1 as a member?

Absolutely! You will save more money working with me by becoming a SageFroots member. You can level up the support from me by taking FULL advantage of the Live Q&A Calls, Live Quarterly Training Webinars, and purchasing your private 1:1 Intuitive Consultations or Coaching Sessions. Keep in mind as an active member; you get deep discounts on personal 1:1 Intuitive Consultations (50% Off) and Private Coaching Sessions (30% Off).

Can I cancel or pause my membership?

Yes, you can pause or cancel your membership at any time. When pausing your membership, billing is stopped until you are ready to resume your membership. You will have access until the end of the billing cycle of your current membership. When canceling a monthly membership, payment stops immediately. You will have access for the remainder of the current billing month. With Quarterly and Annual Memberships, you must cancel within 14 days of joining to receive the refund balance of your membership payment. Once canceled, you will no longer have access to the membership.

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